Breakfast like a King… with a Chisel Slice!

Eat Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince and Dinner like a Pauper Am so excited as today I bought a pumpkin – for the Halloween photo shoot!  I can’t tell you any more as it’s not quite 31st October, other than to say there might be some terrors and treats… you’ll have to wait and see! Last weekend before doing a spot of … Continue reading Breakfast like a King… with a Chisel Slice!

Billowy – you talking about my skirt?!

Dreaming of a little trip down Bond Street to find a new billowy skirt, that would be perfect for this week’s champagne-sipping party…  But reality bites, sadly shopping isn’t on the agenda today (though have included my favourite flowery skirt for you)… I can’t skirt the issue any more, have to remove skirting boards. Skirting boards can be pretty stubborn… they are very well attached … Continue reading Billowy – you talking about my skirt?!

Faster than a S….nail!

You’ve nailed it if you can beat the S….nail! Haha, overdosing in puns…  you’ve probably guessed this is all about nails, specifically how to remove them from joists after lath has been removed…. You’ve got to get the knack of ‘twisting and turning’ so you can pull them out fast else you’ll be ultra slow like a snail! Crazy few days with alot of bubbles … Continue reading Faster than a S….nail!

The Parlour – Sssshhh can you keep a secret?

It’s not me who can’t keep a secret.  It’s the people I tell that can’t. Abraham Lincoln A few days back I was invited to a supper party Tasting Menu at The Parlour in Kensal Rise. I was a little dubious as Kensal Rise, whilst lovely, is right the other side of London that is 3 tube interchanges.  Combined with the walk from the tube … Continue reading The Parlour – Sssshhh can you keep a secret?

Awwwwh, Furry Friends

I am really struggling to write this – due to the nature of the content yet in a way that might be informative and interesting. So please forgive me if you think I sound insensitive, that is not my intention. I love four legged furry friends and growing up had a few hamsters – they were cuddled, loved and very well looked after. Now though, … Continue reading Awwwwh, Furry Friends

SkyLounge – Bubbles taste better at altitude!

Boyle’s Law of Physics Laws states that at constant temperature the volume of a gas is inversely proportional to the pressure on it i.e. gases expand at altitude – am convinced that larger bubbles is the reason why champagne tastes better at altitude! It’s no secret that I have a weakness for rooftop bars especially sipping champers at sunset – watching the magical glow of … Continue reading SkyLounge – Bubbles taste better at altitude!

Whoops – Loud bang and it all fell down!

The bang was so almighty that my upstairs neighbour heard and dashed downstairs to check I was still alive – I was fine apart from being head to toe in dust!   I’m talking about the coving on my ceiling, it came crashing down. Coving (or Cornice) is the triangle design between the top of walls and the edge of the ceiling.  It tends to … Continue reading Whoops – Loud bang and it all fell down!

Not just a magnificent bouquet…

As it’s Friday, here’s a weekend teaser…  Look closely, is it just beautiful flowers that you can see? Aren’t these fuschia carnations and cream roses gorgeous?  They smell divine and brighten up my cold and rather dark flat. Maybe a zoom in will help… Still not sure?  I’ll add a clue… Spot the blue – What’s that you might be wondering? Along with what on earth … Continue reading Not just a magnificent bouquet…

Ouch – Don’t mix your brushes!

You’ve been warned ladies…. however beautiful and fine-bristled they might appear, don’t confuse your Mason Pearson with your Wire Brush, else it might be very painful! Very exciting news today, at lunch I made a new friend… I was the only, lucky one allowed to take photos, can’t wait to share with you shortly….  For now though back to bricks. I love beautiful brickwork – … Continue reading Ouch – Don’t mix your brushes!

Oh granny, what big ears you have!

To Little Red Riding Hood the wolf replied “All the better to hear you with, my dear!” Poor little Red Riding Hood didn’t stand a chance until the woodcutter came to her rescue. Now where is a heroic woodcutter when I need one? Having had some ‘meaty’ DIY posts lately, this is pretty succinct as bubbles time… fear not, I’ll let you know the venue … Continue reading Oh granny, what big ears you have!