Powder – Sadly not snow but dust!

Huff and puff, nifty jumps and parallel turns down the black run….  Yes I would rather be in knee-deep powder skiing! Grrr sadly this isn’t about powder snow but powder dust!  By the bucket load…  snows all day when you’re doing DIY, only settles down at night. Haven’t meant to be off the radar the last few days, just drinking bubbles in one of my … Continue reading Powder – Sadly not snow but dust!

Asbestos – The Silent Killer

In honour of the men and women who were exposed to, who became ill from, and who passed away due to asbestos.  The Silent Killer. I’ve been torn how to write this as its history is so very sad – yet to also be informative.  So I hope I’ve gauged this appropriately, to celebrate the bravery of such men and women above who were exposed … Continue reading Asbestos – The Silent Killer

How to remove lath… so elegant

Elegant lath and it’s strong, solid brother plaster tend to go together hand in hand to form the foundations of a wall. Good and bad news today – I’ll dive in with the bad news first to get it out of the way…. Bad news – I removed a slice of history, so very sad, I feel terrible! Lath are beautiful thin strips of wood … Continue reading How to remove lath… so elegant