You can’t run from a shadow but you can invite it to dance….

A round of applause for the shiny Notched Trowel that takes centre stage slanting the light rays, deserving a post of it’s own Yep, I’d never heard of a Notched Trowel either until I started my patio laying journey – And then I was bombarded by all shapes and intricacies! What’s a notched trowel? To nurture your curiosity, a notched trowel (not ‘towel’, easy to … Continue reading You can’t run from a shadow but you can invite it to dance….

Gingerbread is not just as men!

Ridiculously crazy couple of weeks so no apologies for such a short post…   In only 7 days my flat has transformed from being joists and rafters to fully fledged walls that I can paint on and (almost!) lighting from the ceiling that I can turn on, woohoo! Astonishing!  Blown away, I really am… Along with the incredible resource of 4 window fitters, 2 electricians, … Continue reading Gingerbread is not just as men!

I’m afraid of no ghosts!

I admit I carried a pumpkin…. Not a watermelon as in Dirty Dancing – but a pumpkin.  Not sure which is worse?! That was to last night’s Halloween bash – I do love a bit of Halloween and especially an excuse to dress up!  So I was thrilled to don my teeny witches outfit – very low cut and highly indecent, but I didn’t care…. … Continue reading I’m afraid of no ghosts!

Breakfast like a King… with a Chisel Slice!

Eat Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince and Dinner like a Pauper Am so excited as today I bought a pumpkin – for the Halloween photo shoot!  I can’t tell you any more as it’s not quite 31st October, other than to say there might be some terrors and treats… you’ll have to wait and see! Last weekend before doing a spot of … Continue reading Breakfast like a King… with a Chisel Slice!

‘Spannertime’ – The Theory of Patience

‘Spannertime’ is the concept of recognising the beauty (ok, I’m trying to stay positive here!) that DIY can be very unpredictable – so you need an extra strong dose of patience to survive it, without forgetting extra budget. Before I switched my pretty pencil skirt for old, worn jeans, I imagined transforming my flat from hovel to palace might take about two months – It … Continue reading ‘Spannertime’ – The Theory of Patience