Powder – Sadly not snow but dust!

Huff and puff, nifty jumps and parallel turns down the black run….  Yes I would rather be in knee-deep powder skiing! Grrr sadly this isn’t about powder snow but powder dust!  By the bucket load…  snows all day when you’re doing DIY, only settles down at night. Haven’t meant to be off the radar the last few days, just drinking bubbles in one of my … Continue reading Powder – Sadly not snow but dust!

Go girl – but don’t nail it!

Usually with a zest for life I’d recommend anyone to nail it!  Just get it done, sort it, achieve… But not this time. This time I’m going against the grain. For weeks I’ve been mentioning the 5 essentials for you before starting DIY, of which 4 I’ve covered already – eye goggles, ear plugs, face mask, clothing.  I haven’t yet touched on 5th… Then would … Continue reading Go girl – but don’t nail it!

Breakfast like a King… with a Chisel Slice!

Eat Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince and Dinner like a Pauper Am so excited as today I bought a pumpkin – for the Halloween photo shoot!  I can’t tell you any more as it’s not quite 31st October, other than to say there might be some terrors and treats… you’ll have to wait and see! Last weekend before doing a spot of … Continue reading Breakfast like a King… with a Chisel Slice!

Not just a magnificent bouquet…

As it’s Friday, here’s a weekend teaser…  Look closely, is it just beautiful flowers that you can see? Aren’t these fuschia carnations and cream roses gorgeous?  They smell divine and brighten up my cold and rather dark flat. Maybe a zoom in will help… Still not sure?  I’ll add a clue… Spot the blue – What’s that you might be wondering? Along with what on earth … Continue reading Not just a magnificent bouquet…

Oh granny, what big ears you have!

To Little Red Riding Hood the wolf replied “All the better to hear you with, my dear!” Poor little Red Riding Hood didn’t stand a chance until the woodcutter came to her rescue. Now where is a heroic woodcutter when I need one? Having had some ‘meaty’ DIY posts lately, this is pretty succinct as bubbles time… fear not, I’ll let you know the venue … Continue reading Oh granny, what big ears you have!

As sexy as a wet fish…

Like a weak and pathetic handshake… Couldn’t be further from the epitome of Lara Croft – you’ve guessed it I’m talking about goggles! Just to tease you, the makers of the cheapest goggles design them to look not dissimilar to a scuba diving mask – how cruel!  Reminding you how you could be floating in idyllic, tropical waters surrounded by shoals of fluorescent, darting fish… … Continue reading As sexy as a wet fish…

Sadly not a fashion show…

I trust this goes without saying… but sadly DIY is not in any shape or form a fashion show. Not remotely. Whoops, at the start of this little (or mammoth) project I was a little confused and figured that surely after a decent dose of suds in the washing machine my post-DIY clothes would be crisp and sparkly again ready for this…. whilst sipping this… … Continue reading Sadly not a fashion show…

‘Rubble Mountain’, not mascara!

Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing. To manage your expectations ladies, this post is all about, well, er, not ‘heavy duty’ mascara but ‘heavy duty’ rubble sacks! I’ve trekked the Himalayas but nothing quite prepared me for ‘Rubble Mountain’ the huge pile of rubble in sacks that almost overnight grew in my garden – unrelated to tectonic plate movement but still reaching … Continue reading ‘Rubble Mountain’, not mascara!

Tickle in my throat, cough!

Grrrrrr sadly nothing sexy about a face mask, but another essential.  That is if you’d like to to prevent short- and long-term respiratory illnesses and especially if you have asthma. I remain astonished – not just a teeny bit surprised – by the amount of dust that even a small bit of DIY brings.  Not being selfish of course, plaster dust spreads like a thin … Continue reading Tickle in my throat, cough!

Watch out, blink!

Although gold dust is precious, when it gets in your eyes it obstructs your vision. Markus Lupfer’s cats eyes mirrored shades look incredible and are very flattering – but there is a time and a place for funky sunglasses, sadly DIY is not one of them! Take a deep breathe, grit your teeth and open your mind to the concept of eye goggles – chunky, … Continue reading Watch out, blink!