Billowy – you talking about my skirt?!

Dreaming of a little trip down Bond Street to find a new billowy skirt, that would be perfect for this week’s champagne-sipping party…ย  But reality bites, sadly shopping isn’t on the agenda today (though have included my favourite flowery skirt for you)… I can’t skirt the issue any more, have to remove skirting boards. Skirting boards can be pretty stubborn… they are very well attached … Continue reading Billowy – you talking about my skirt?!

Awwwwh, Furry Friends

I am really struggling to write this – due to the nature of the content yet in a way that might be informative and interesting. So please forgive me if you think I sound insensitive, that is not my intention. I love four legged furry friends and growing up had a few hamsters – they were cuddled, loved and very well looked after. Now though, … Continue reading Awwwwh, Furry Friends

Sludge and water tsunami – How to remove a radiator

This is itโ€ฆ I haven’t even finished the first paragraph yet I’m telling you with confidence that this is the best guide for removing a radiator that there is out there… ย How do I know? Because I’m going to tell you the truth about what happens when removing a radiator. ย Unlike other guides with slim, perfectly-behaving and regularly maintained radiators that barely contain any water…. … Continue reading Sludge and water tsunami – How to remove a radiator