Hi, I’m Kate a champagne-loving, DIY-juggling girl who lives in a barely habitable flat in dire need of some serious home improvement.

So whilst I’d much prefer sipping pink bubbles on a yacht or in a rooftop cocktail bar, sadly the bare brick walls around me, lack of central heating and furry friends running wild around my bed at night have forced me to re-evaluate my priorities…. before the season ends and peaches will no longer be ripe enough for my bellinis.

I’m a DIY novice, I don’t know a chisel from a mallet or a render from lime cement…. I don’t know how to do it or where to start?  Oh and I’m slim & weak!  Yet having had tradesmen quote for work that I have since learned is inappropriate, I thought surely I can transform my flat myself –  I mean, how hard can it be??

So I’ve taken the plunge – of course, sprinkled with plenty of bubble sipping moments essential for motivation.  Cheers!

Kate x

p.s. I’m not qualified in anything DIY so please follow any of my suggestions at your own risk