Cloak & Dagger…. Sketch

A magical kingdom of decadence, vibrancy, intrigue and bubbles – What’s not to like about Sketch?

Very cloak and dagger…..After gracefully climbing the high entrance steps, the enchantment starts to unfold… the tunnels, staircases… the choice of uniquely themed, purposefully different bars and restaurants – an Architect’s dream!


Whilst not long ago I spent an impromptu afternoon supping bubbles and sweet cream treats in the front bar, this time we delved further inside and headed to a bar towards the back with pristine disc tables combined with high-backed, ornamental arm chairs.



For tipples we fell in love with the barman’s recommendations, all of which were topped up with bubbles – What do you think?


Oh, Sketch isn’t Sketch if at some point you don’t check out the luschious pink restaurant.  Either grab a bite to eat or trotter past to the most vibrant bathroom in London, scattered with ivory pods and a multicoloured ray roof….





The rest you’ll have to check out yourself!


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