Island hopping…. But sadly not as you know it!

One’s destination is never a place – but a new way of seeing things!

That’s what I believe anyway – as wherever I wander I always find someone else’s home, lifestyle, friends…. that is their way of living, along with the favourite local tipple!

Before I forget, for latest DIY progress, do check my instagram


So how on earth does DIY link with island hopping??

No I’m not crazy and yes, I do wish I was back on stunning Providenciales sipping Moët Rosé Imperial – one of my all time favourite drinks.  I like the usual Moet without the pink but the Rosé really is in a league of it’s own – divine…  chilled and watching a sunset is a pretty damn special moment…..

The good people of Moët advised me that Rosé Imperial is best served in a tumbler (yes unusual!) with chunky ice – whilst I do love that too, ours was still perfect in champagne flutes.


Why not add a pop of juicy strawberry too?

Ok, I’ll spill the beans.  The last few weeks I feel like I’ve spent my life island hopping – that is with ‘islands’ of my belongings stacked up in the middle of each room surrounded by a ‘sea’ of corridors….  that link from my bedroom to bathroom to kitchen etc.  


No longer can I walk directly to my bathroom in a straight path but instead I have to go around an island…. sometimes via side steps, curving my body, breathing in through narrow gaps!


Then a few days later when I’m done with DIY in one room and have to start on another room, I then get ‘soil erosion’ by the sea and have to move my possessions from one room to another and create a whole new archipelago of islands surrounded by some more sea corridors!

It’s getting pretty exhausting – but I think you’ve got it!



The end is in sight – I can’t wait for all DIY islands to erode completely so I can finally head off to a ‘real’ island once again and sip some more beach bubbles, bring it on!!

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