Rain, sleet or snow… the gutters must flow!

Shiny lengths of tubes and half tubes – pristine, polished and oh sooooooooo very long!


Been DIY crazy mixed with Christmas shin digs – heaps of cool photos and tips to share with you….  Including one today whereby my gifted Ferrero Rocher was used to help undercoat my window sills…. that sounds sill-y so more on that another time.


Reverting back to my gutters…  they’re not glam.  They almost seem a chore to have to replace – but if you’re doing anything inside your house then after doing your roof as a first step (to stop cats and dogs raining inside your dining room, like it was for me!) then I suggest you sort out your gutters.


Gutters frequently become clogged with moss, leaves and dirt and so when it rains, water is displaced and runs out of the gutters sides and floods down the side of the wall – rather than along the gutter length and down to a low level drain.  Additionally over time gutters rot, split and become loose/detached from the wall/roof and so water starts to run down the side of brickwork – with a mini tsunami every time it rains and one of the causes of rising damp problems, let alone flooding underfoot.


With such a large puddle just before my front door, how am I meant to get indoors without getting wet feet??!


So I met with several guttering companies and finally used gut feel which to pick.  3 men rocked up at 8am for 2 days, zoomed up and down ladders (these guys didn’t go for the scaffolding option, I trust they had insurance), back and forth from the trade guttering supplier and managed to replace all gutters on the outside of my flat (actually the flat above mine as well, the top of the house) and also put a plastic fascia over the rotten wood lip just underneath the edge of my roof.


They attached new guttering fixtures to the brick walls, ensured there were no leaks and that they would withstand the weight of heavy rain.


Sadly they also alerted me to holes in my brickwork high up – due to ‘mortar bees’.  I don’t mean small holes, I mean huge octagonal holes.  What?!  Now I do love bees (my secret passion, I genuinely put on protective gear and monitor the ones on my roof at work aaaah!) but surely a hive and a garden is more interesting than mortar…. But no!


Had one VERY  hairy moment – I was gutter-ed!  Taking out coffee for the tradesmen I accidentally locked myself out of my flat.  Oh no!  Took all 3 of them about half an hour – I think they took pity on me – to try and regain entry.  Not ideal as I was supposed to be ‘working from home’ and was on a deadline!


After trying windows they eventually had to break my front door down….. phew!  Guess that means my front door now needs replacing too.  If I’m doing all this, figured might was well go the whole hog!



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