Mr Foggs – Where’s your next passport stamp?

My next passport stamp is soooo exciting – I love deciding which exotic location to set sail to… countries without a passport stamp just aren’t on my go-to list, haha!

DIY been very physical lately – so whilst my biceps are now ever-so-slightly bulging, I was certain my sipping technique needed improving…


Last week I was invited to one of my favourite London bars, Mr Foggs in Mayfair.  Hidden down a side alley, past several large waste bins, I wondered where “on earth” I was being taken…

Oh, then the bellboy appeared – we rang the large bell and heard it chime, then made our way inside.  We were ushered to our table over the far side…


I say “on earth” as Mr Foggs is just that – an eclectic mix of Phileas Fogg’s travel adventures.  Combined with some opulence, delicious cocktails!  I think you’d like them a LOT.


In 1873 Phileas Fogg attempted to circumnavigate the late Victorian world in 80 days or fewer, for a wager of £20,000 (£2m in 2016) with members of London’s Reform Club.

He was accompanied by his French servant Jean Passpartout and followed by a detective names Fix, who suspected Fogg of having robbed the Bank of England.  While in India, Fogg saved a widowed princess, Aouda, from sati during her husband’s funeral and she accompanies Fogg for the rest of his journey.  She and Fogg eventually fall in love and marry.

That’s the story in the book anyway, I’m sure it’s true!


The moment you step inside Mr Foggs you are enchanted.  The walls and ceiling are adorned with souvenirs and trinkets from around the globe… from Penny farthings, bird cages, boats, animal skins and maps.  Not forgetting the vast selection of spirits aligned along one entire wall.


It’s decadent yet cosy with a sprinkling of armchairs and velvet stools in clusters around imprinted tables and burning fires.

The cocktail list is as thick as a school chemistry textbook – seriously!

With a little help from the waitress, I firstly opted for a Drunken Parrot – wouldn’t have missed it for the world, haha!  Hope you like the pun…  Vibrant pink abundant with rum, a hint of coconut and raspberry – definitely 10/10.


Mayfair Residence Mr Foggs is the original.  There is now a Covent Garden Tavern with a gin parlour, that I’ll have to try next.

My friend loves gin so selected his favourite brand, polished off with tonic…



In need of a snack, I tucked into one of their parma ham toasted sandwiches, YUM!



Before embarking on round 2 – No 43:



Without forgetting the highlight – the magician!  He popped over to share (or enchant!) us with his magic tricks – he guessed my ace of hearts correctly and made my friend’s red balls disappear, haha!

Incredible.  Brilliant.  I was blown away by his magic!




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