Powder – Sadly not snow but dust!

Huff and puff, nifty jumps and parallel turns down the black run….  Yes I would rather be in knee-deep powder skiing!


Grrr sadly this isn’t about powder snow but powder dust!  By the bucket load…  snows all day when you’re doing DIY, only settles down at night.

Haven’t meant to be off the radar the last few days, just drinking bubbles in one of my all time favourite bars…. I think you’ll like it.


I’d heard about DIY dust yet I hadn’t quite believed the extent – not just a thin film but a finger deep, entire off-piste thickness…


…covering every hole and orifice known to man.  Yep, that includes my nostrils and ears that is especially horrid, so lots of clean water nostril irrigation and ear scrubbing in the bath afterwards.

It lingered in my hair, I could even taste the dust on my tongue urrrgh!  All I could think of was drinking champagne to take the taste away.


Fortunately I’d pre-empted a powder sprinkle so I’d already bagged my clothes in black sacks.  Highly recommended that you do the same.  Seal them with lots of tape – literally every orifice gets covered.

Just like in the Rocky Mountains or French Alps, sometimes the sun shone when the dust came down…


Initially I kept wiping surfaces clean afterwards, though I soon gave up and scrapped that repetitive task – I couldn’t keep up quick enough!

With a little cropping, my favourite of the bunch…


Surely it’s time for some much deserved bubbles now!




With all that dust, I need another glass, I mean bottle, haha!


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