More vibrant than Rosé bubbles!

My new lunchtime friend – isn’t he awesome?   Unlike other friends, he doesn’t talk to me nor challenge me on what I’m wearing, what I’m up to… nor even what champagne I’m drinking!

Nope, this isn’t about DIY or champagne (well, I might touch on the latter, haha!).  Instead my little lunchtime companion who often sits patiently by my side… turning his head up sometimes staring me straight in the eye!


No, I don’t give him food, he just seems happy and content to sit by my side…

He’s not scared of me.  He just makes me smile…  Sure he’s smiling back at me too!

Can you spot him from afar?


Or perhaps more close up…


Would you like him closer up still?


This is my favourite, he’s looking directly at me! Wonder what he’s thinking?

Even though his feathers are more vibrant than Rose bubbles, he’s probably not thinking I wonder when work ends so I can have a cheeky glass…

Or maybe he is!!!



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