Lift your head up princess, if not the crown falls!

Countdown till Halloween has begun!  Dusted off my witches outfit – I love it…. it’s an ultra teeny, very low cut and highly indecent dress, polished off with fish net tights, a huge pointy hat and black nail varnish….

I can only get away wearing it once a year so I make sure it has a good outing!  I can’t wait to share our Halloween photo shoot with you either…

…you’ll have to pumpkin back again shortly, haha!

Grrrrr before then though it’s time to dismantle an in-built wardrobe fixed to the wall….  My bedroom had a huge in-built wardrobe all along one side – it was chipped, rusty, pieces fallen off it and was well past its expiry date.

It also seemed to harbour moths that were somehow ingrained into its walls – they found my woollen jumpers pretty tasty!


So it needed dismantling…. piece by piece…. board by board… screw by screw…

Warning – Keep looking up as panels, bars and debris might fall on your head… I had one very near miss, an entire ceiling panel fell off!

What you will need

  1. Tetanus injection – Yep, lots of nails and dodgy, old screws again
  2. PPE – Surely you now know this off by heart?  Eye goggles, face mask, gloves, old clothes, thick-soled shoes
  3. Roughneck Cold Chisel with 1 inch blade – Remember if you use this one with a large surface area at the end then you don’t hit your hands so much, less ouch!
  4. Screwdrivers – Philips and also the one-slit non-Philips
  5. Mallet
  6. Saw – To chop up large panels
  7. Rubble sacks


What are the steps?

Laughably the steps I planned were soon sent into disarray!  Carefully remove each piece of door, door frame, wooden panel, wooden bar etc one by one – take great care to look above you, be careful of falling objects from above as the structure weakens below.


I’d love to give you a decent guide but it was impossible – you’ll have to gauge for your individual wardrobe.


What I hadn’t planned on was there being even more lath and plaster behind the wardrobe – so what started as a reasonable-sized job ended up being a massive one!


At the same time the ceiling caved in revealing more lath and plaster above – so very rapidly I had to jump to one side as an entire ceiling strip fell to the ground.



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