Faster than a S….nail!

You’ve nailed it if you can beat the S….nail!

Haha, overdosing in puns…  you’ve probably guessed this is all about nails, specifically how to remove them from joists after lath has been removed….

You’ve got to get the knack of ‘twisting and turning’ so you can pull them out fast else you’ll be ultra slow like a snail!

Crazy few days with alot of bubbles at a fabulous supper party for a friend’s birthday… now time to DIY-focus grrrrr!

Why do you have to remove nails from wall joists?

When you remove lath (thin, wooden slats) from walls, if they are like mine i.e. ancient and brittle, their ends tend to split upon removal and so the attaching nails remain stuck in the vertical, wooden joists.  The nails stick out and have to be removed to create a flush surface ready for plasterboard on top.


What do you need?

  1. You – You should know this by now!  Goggles, face mask and gloves
  2. Pliers – I have Black and Decker, similar to the middle size of these


You also need some brute force and muscles!


The idea is not to damage the joist.

Grab each nail with pliers individually, gently twist and pull until the nail comes out….

You have to get the ‘knack’ – do it quickly, faster than a S…nail and with some ummmmph, else you’ll be there till the morning…


Actually harder than it looks…. Careful, some nails are a little stubborn and need more teasing….


Watch out, make sure you hold onto the wall to balance in case your g-force pulls you backwards…  I nearly toppled…


Oh, for nails high up near to the ceiling, I had to keep having ‘arm breaks’ as my arms hurt holding them up for so long!


The end result, beautiful…


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