The Parlour – Sssshhh can you keep a secret?

It’s not me who can’t keep a secret.  It’s the people I tell that can’t.

Abraham Lincoln

A few days back I was invited to a supper party Tasting Menu at The Parlour in Kensal Rise.

I was a little dubious as Kensal Rise, whilst lovely, is right the other side of London that is 3 tube interchanges.  Combined with the walk from the tube being down a back street, I was skeptical, where I was being taken?


Once inside The Parlour it seemed nice enough and their Pornstar Martinis were pretty damn good!  Though I remained bemused as to what the fuss was about.

Then on the dot of 8pm we were ushered through a side door to a hidden back room – very cloak and dagger – and were sat in a wooden-paneled booth, The Chef’s Table.

Oh, now I get it!


We were right next to the kitchen, about 1m away, in full view of the chefs in their whites and the preparation of our feast, ready for the tasting menu.  There were 6 of us – the maximum number allowed for such a tasting.


The charismatic Head Chef came and introduced himself, checked our dietary requirements (we all ate everything) and advised us to ‘pace ourselves’ – that was also written on the menu, something I do urge you to do also.  Promise, promise you’ll not go home hungry.

Then the tasting began….


I can’t describe beautifully enough how exceptionally incredible the tasting menu was – it wasn’t just a menu but An Experience.  Yes, An Experience.  

Not special or exotic – but incredibly special and exceptionally exotic.  

The entire night.  

Full of surprises – yes quirky, fun tweaks.  

Exquisite, truly brilliant food, amazing drinks (including champagne, of course!) and quite a bit of interaction and ‘audience participation’.  

I loved it!


Whilst my friend very kindly treated me, so I never saw the final bill, the website states £70 per head (excluding drinks I imagine) that I think is very reasonable.

I loved sharing the experience between us 6 – our special secret!  ‘Tasting Code’ we agreed not to spill the details as we don’t want to ruin the surprise in case you ever go…. that I urge you to…

So instead, I’m sharing with you 3 other secrets of mine…


1 – My secret indulgence is Hotel Chocolat Pink Champagne chocolates


2 – Rude not to have with Sparkling Rose.


3 – I write a diary ‘One Line A Day’ – A 5 year memory book. Every day there is a tiny section of 5 lines where you write your momentous thoughts for the day.  Something I’ve written for the last 6 years, I’m now on diary 2.

Don’t you dare read them!




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