Awwwwh, Furry Friends

I am really struggling to write this – due to the nature of the content yet in a way that might be informative and interesting.

So please forgive me if you think I sound insensitive, that is not my intention.

I love four legged furry friends and growing up had a few hamsters – they were cuddled, loved and very well looked after.


Now though, every morning when I sit on my toilet (apologies for being so graphic!) I can hear a rustling and the sound of the padded feet of furry friends that actually sounds like it’s coming from inside the toilet bowl itself!

Sometimes the noise is so loud that I even look to make sure they aren’t going to jump out of the water and bite my bum – seriously!


So I  know they’re there – I think perhaps in the casing around my toilet or underneath the floorboards.  I’ve tried to take the attitude out of sight then out of mind, that was until….

….last week I was in bed and suddenly a dark brown furry friend appeared from under the door frame and ran around my bedroom floor.  I jumped up to open the door and shoo him out, he pegged it as fast as he could.

….one night I arrived home to find a furry friend corpse underneath my dining table.  It really upset me.  Alot.  I didn’t know what to do, so used gloves and a fish slice to dispose of it.

So I figured I had to take action.  I am not scared of mice though they reproduce and nibble wires etc.


I do love Robert Dyas.  Always so helpful and knowledgeable – sometimes seems to contain the most random stuff yet always has what I need. From the man in the shop I gleaned:

  • Brands – ‘Big Cheese’ and ‘Rentokil’ are both renowned for rodent-catching devices
  • Mice love Hazelnut Spread – Scrap the ‘bait’ options like tablets / pellets and grab a pot of Nutella (you might love it, personally I am not a fan but if it does the trick then so be it)
  • Location – Put the mouse traps with Nutella in a sealed area (mice can get through holes the size of a pencil) and leave them for a few days
  • Methods – Some are nicer than others
  • Disposal – I struggled


I purchased:

  1. Big Cheese Ultra Power Twin Pack £5.99 each – 4 mouse traps –   2 for bathroom, 2 for bedroom (perhaps the same mouse?)
  2. Hyperdrug Stronhold Glue £2.89 – As I have alot of walls whereby they lead directly to the outside, so any animal can enter
  3. Nutella

Mouse Traps – here are the steps:

  1. Remove the bait cover, that is the small red disk
  2. On top of the bait put a dollop of Nutella
  3. Set the trp by pulling down the bar until you hear a click (RHS in photo below)
  4. Place trap where mice have been active.  Position at right angles to the wall, with bait well facing the wall
  5. Wait a few days



Stronghold Glue – I couldn’t actually bring myself to using it.


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