SkyLounge – Bubbles taste better at altitude!

Boyle’s Law of Physics Laws states that at constant temperature the volume of a gas is inversely proportional to the pressure on it i.e. gases expand at altitude – am convinced that larger bubbles is the reason why champagne tastes better at altitude!

It’s no secret that I have a weakness for rooftop bars especially sipping champers at sunset – watching the magical glow of the evening lights start twinkling down below.  In every city I visit I always try and source the highest bar.

So last week when friends suggested drinks at SkyLounge, the rooftop bar at the top of Hilton Doubletree, it wasn’t a difficult decision to decide to go!

We arrived pretty early before sunset to settle in for the night…  Welcomed by some bright, shiny lights (hmmm, they might look pretty good in my lounge!)…



a very impressive bar….


vibrant mint and sweet-scented lavender… plus a friendly barman to go with it.



I was torn about what to choose then started drooling over the Fancy Bellini…



Then out to the balcony to absorb the incredible view!


With a thick layer of cumulus it was more ‘cloudset’ rater than ‘sunset’ but nonetheless still stunning.  We made some new friends…


…then watched iconic Tower Bridge prepare for another night of twinkling under the stars.




I think you’d like it – sunnier the better!




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