Not just a magnificent bouquet…

As it’s Friday, here’s a weekend teaser…  Look closely, is it just beautiful flowers that you can see?

Aren’t these fuschia carnations and cream roses gorgeous?  They smell divine and brighten up my cold and rather dark flat.


Maybe a zoom in will help…


Still not sure?  I’ll add a clue…


Spot the blue – What’s that you might be wondering?

Along with what on earth is going on on here, haha!

You’re getting warm, here’s a close-up…


A giveaway!  Yep, the vase is made of tape reels and here’s the tape gun ready to go sealing around your house.

How else was I supposed to make tape exciting?!




After rubble sacks, the last bit of prep I recommend is tape – depending on your furnishings either:

  • Brown, stickier tape – Great for sealing walls and cracks etc and more robust, though be careful as it can leave permanent marks so don’t use on anything that you aren’t imminently going to destroy.  I’ve used lots of this to cover up my wardrobe (that I’m soon dismantling) so my clothes are dust-free.
  • Gentler, cream tape – Doesn’t damage items and is more for putting round the edge of paint lines, to avoid spillages of colour

Back to the much more beautiful bouquet…


    Love these flowers so I was a little snappy happy…


    Go on, spot the corks!





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