Oh granny, what big ears you have!

To Little Red Riding Hood the wolf replied “All the better to hear you with, my dear!”

Poor little Red Riding Hood didn’t stand a chance until the woodcutter came to her rescue.

Now where is a heroic woodcutter when I need one?

Having had some ‘meaty’ DIY posts lately, this is pretty succinct as bubbles time… fear not, I’ll let you know the venue shortly, I think you’ll like it.

little_red_riding_hood[Illustration in a 1927 story anthology]

I’m excited to share with you the penultimate (of 5) prep items that I keep mentioning – that you really should invest in before becoming a DIY diva   Essential for when you’re doing loud drilling or any other high decibel activity – playing groovy tunes at full blast is your choice so doesn’t count…

I don’t want to hear any excuses for your not looking after your precious ears, however much a faff and unpleasant to wear ear plugs might sound, haha!


little_red_riding_hood[Illustration by Arthur Rackham]

Ear plugs seem to be very personal things – so whatever works for you albeit wax or foam or headphones, as long as they absorb sound properly.


My favourites are Quies that you can find in lots of pharmacies  £4-5.  Little wax balls you remove the outer cotton wool, soften with your fingers slightly and then pop into each ear.


Pretty good if your boyfriend snores too!


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