As sexy as a wet fish…

Like a weak and pathetic handshake… Couldn’t be further from the epitome of Lara Croft – you’ve guessed it I’m talking about goggles!

Just to tease you, the makers of the cheapest goggles design them to look not dissimilar to a scuba diving mask – how cruel!  Reminding you how you could be floating in idyllic, tropical waters surrounded by shoals of fluorescent, darting fish…


…instead reality kicks in and you’re back to slumming it with DIY, humph!

I know which of these you’re rather wear:


Sure you remember, goggles are 1 of the 5 essentials that I recommend before starting DIY – I’ve touched on 3 before (eyewear already, this is just a gentle reminder, you’ll discover why shortly), wearing old clothes and a face mask.  Any ideas for the final 2?

Do check out my previous review of eyewear here…


I’ve been good as gold wearing my snazzy fluorescent orange goggles (I practice what I preach) until I had one tiny slip up a couple of weeks back.  Quite simply I was admiring my new brick walls (more on those later) and a fleck of something from the ceiling popped inside my eye – just like that.


It hurt – a lot.  I wasn’t sure if I had something in my eye or I’d scratched the cornea.  Avidly I washed my eye with alot of water in the shower, blinked alot, washed my eye again and it was still very sore – all day I kept repeating.  Not sure at this point if from the original injury or the washing.

Moorfields Eye hospital is world-wide renowned, but I really didn’t want to pay it a visit if possible.


Phew!  Fortunately the next day whilst I had one red eye (must to the amusement of my work mates) and one normal one, it started to calm… so it must have just been a scratch.

But it shook me.


Guess this is a gentle reminder to wear your goggles however un-sexy the make you feel – even one fleck of dust in the eye just isn’t worth it.


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