Sadly not a fashion show…

I trust this goes without saying… but sadly DIY is not in any shape or form a fashion show. Not remotely.

Whoops, at the start of this little (or mammoth) project I was a little confused and figured that surely after a decent dose of suds in the washing machine my post-DIY clothes would be crisp and sparkly again ready for this….


whilst sipping this…asip-025-mumm-champagne

I can’t stop laughing now – there is no way my DIY clothes will ever ever EVER be pristine again, not even close.  They’ll never be worn outside again – and are only good enough for the dustbin!

So wear old clothes – that you don’t just mind not just getting dirty but also destroying after use.


Better dash to scrub up, put on my lipstick and grab a cheeky glass of bubbles before the limo pick’s me up for tonight’s bash, bye……..!


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