‘Rubble Mountain’, not mascara!

Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.

To manage your expectations ladies, this post is all about, well, er, not ‘heavy duty’ mascara but ‘heavy duty’ rubble sacks!

I’ve trekked the Himalayas but nothing quite prepared me for ‘Rubble Mountain’ the huge pile of rubble in sacks that almost overnight grew in my garden – unrelated to tectonic plate movement but still reaching for the sky:


Laughably, I first purchased rubble sacks by chance, when scouting Screwfix.  I thought at some point they might come in handy – so I purchased 10 sacks.  Yes only TEN.

Rubble sacks are very damn sturdy, strong and resistant for exactly what its name says on the tin – for rubble.  They are far better than any kitchen black sack you might buy – honestly, if it wasn’t for environmental reasons, I’d much rather use these sacks all the time.  They are large and don’t split.


The only problem I have is that I’m not very strong – so I can’t put much rubble in each one else I can’t carry it outside!


So very rapidly, within days I’d already exhausted the first 10 sacks – then it became my little joke with the Screwfix boys, that every time I’d pop into for my next tool I’d add another pack of 10 sacks onto the order (or 20 sacks when 2 for £10 offer).


My garden has already now amassed about 100 sacks – not sure yet how I’m going to get rid of them, ideas welcome!


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