Tickle in my throat, cough!

Grrrrrr sadly nothing sexy about a face mask, but another essential.  That is if you’d like to to prevent short- and long-term respiratory illnesses and especially if you have asthma.

I remain astonished – not just a teeny bit surprised – by the amount of dust that even a small bit of DIY brings.  Not being selfish of course, plaster dust spreads like a thin blanket of snow – that sadly you can’t even ski down!

Already I’ve got through a small zillion number of face masks (ok, I exaggerated slightly, about 10 and I’m only a short while into this project) and it is amazing how quickly they go from being pristine to absorbing dust particles.  It isn’t hard to see which is which….


A face mask covers your nose and mouth, preventing dust from reaching your lungs.

When do I purchase a face mask?

At the start, before you start doing anything – well worth it.

What type of face mask?

All the face masks I tried seemed very large and bulky for my slim-line face. It was tough to get them to stay underneath the goggles whilst provide a snug fit.

Quality – Seems to be a difference with the better masks having a valve on their front.  Please note though I am not a doctor, so I recommend you seek additional advice if necessary.

Initially I purchased this mask, I do not recommend this mask, it is too basic:

Moulded mask FFP1

  • Price – Cheap 63p, you get what you pay for
  • Fit – Too big and bulky, struggled to make the metal front strip secure on my nose
  • Adjustable – Straps were not very adjustable, so I could not obtain snug fit on my face
  • Quality – No front value and not a great fit

After realising my mistake, I purchased several of these masks, that I much preferred:

Respair P3VE Disposable Valved Mask

  • Price – £3.99, worth the extra
  • Fit – Still a little too big and bulky, but managed to make fit slightly better
  • Adjustable – Two straps very adjustable to get much snugger fit on my face
  • Quality – Front value that is good



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