Watch out, blink!

Although gold dust is precious, when it gets in your eyes it obstructs your vision.

Markus Lupfer’s cats eyes mirrored shades look incredible and are very flattering – but there is a time and a place for funky sunglasses, sadly DIY is not one of them!

Take a deep breathe, grit your teeth and open your mind to the concept of eye goggles – chunky, clunky, ill-fitting and unfeminine.  Horrific.

But essential.

“Surely I don’t need them!” was my initial reaction – I’ll easily be able to avoid a little chipped plaster here and there.  But how wrong I could have been.  Right from my first DIY forages I’ve had specks and flecks along with crumbling walls fall on me and, if it was not for my goggles, both eyes would already be poked out.

Goggles enclose or protect the area surrounding the eye in order to prevent particulates, water or chemicals from striking the eyes.  They really are a must.

When do I purchase eye goggles?

At the start, literally before you start doing anything – well worth it.

What type of eye goggles?

All the goggles I tried seemed very large and bulky for my slim-line face (perhaps aimed more at men?) so I struggled to find any to fit me well.  Here’s the best I could find:

Screwfix JSP Direct Vent Safety Goggles

Initially (still unconvinced by their necessity) I purchased:

  • Price – Cheap 1.39 a pop!
  • Fit – Terrible, far too large and ill-fitting, I could barely keep them in position
  • Adjustable – Only with a thin strip of elastic round the back, so I struggled to keep a snug fit on my face
  • Steamed up – Most annoyingly they kept steaming up – almost upon every breath so I could no longer see.  Repeatedly – literally every few minutes – I’d take them off to clear the condensation, that was a hassle.


After a couple of weeks and alot of frustation – yet also after witnessing several pieces of shard bash the outside of my goggles (good protection!) I invested in these, that I much more highly recommend:

Uvex Ultrasonic Sports Style Safety Goggles 

For you outdoorsy girls, even includes the word ‘sport’ in the title (surely a patch on your skiing goggles!), with a vibrant fluorescent orange band so you can spot them in the dark (handy for night-time DIYers!).

  • Price – More respectable Β£13.99 but well worth the extra
  • Fit – Plastic mould was still a little too large for my face but better than the fit above
  • Adjustable – Much thicker, adjustable strap that meant a snugger fit
  • Steamed up – Best part is they steamed up far, far, FAR less!  So I could focus on the DIY rather than keep wiping dry


No excuses – look after your eyes!


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