‘Spannertime’ – The Theory of Patience

‘Spannertime’ is the concept of recognising the beauty (ok, I’m trying to stay positive here!) that DIY can be very unpredictable – so you need an extra strong dose of patience to survive it, without forgetting extra budget.


Before I switched my pretty pencil skirt for old, worn jeans, I imagined transforming my flat from hovel to palace might take about two months – It would be done before Summer was up with strawberries very much still being in season for my bellinis…. the clock would be pristinely, perfectly round reminding me it was champagne o’clock.


But I was wrong!  DIY takes far longer than planned – or at least mine has – because every step of the way has unearthed new, unforseen problems…  That I have had to resolve before reverting to my original plan – resolving them I discovered multiple other problems that must be resolved as a priority before  even consider the original issue.

Like a ponzi scheme!  With the top layer being fed by the intricacies of the lower, minion layers, and only functioning if they are working correctly.


Grrrrr made harder as you can’t always see what is underneath the surface i.e. the root cause problem.  It is only when removing peeling wallpaper I discovered crumbling plaster… removing that I discovered concrete strips, removing them I discovered skirting boards in disarray etc.  Sure you’ve got it!


To stay sane, I’m just trying to manage your expectations.  Give yourself plenty of ‘Spannertime’ and you’ll do just fine.





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