The Humble Beginning…

First things first…

Before you think I’m being over-dramatic and that my flat is in need of a painting touch-up and new furnishings rather than full-blown re-construction, guess you need to know exactly what my flat looked like in its humble beginning.

So here’s a sneeky peek – with a word of warning, these are the dullest photos ever!

The crumbling plaster.

The mouldy, peeling wallpaper.




The cracked ceiling and rain on the inside of my windows!  



The cracked sink that leaked – so for years I have often done washing up in the bath!


The very dodgy electrics – so much so that sometimes when I insert a plug into a socket I see a puff of smoke and smell burning, seriously!



Last but certainly not least, the rotten wood – everywhere!  The window frames, skirting board.


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