Cloak & Dagger…. Sketch

A magical kingdom of decadence, vibrancy, intrigue and bubbles – What’s not to like about Sketch? Very cloak and dagger…..After gracefully climbing the high entrance steps, the enchantment starts to unfold… the tunnels, staircases… the choice of uniquely themed, purposefully different bars and restaurants – an Architect’s dream! Whilst not long ago I spent an impromptu afternoon supping bubbles and sweet cream treats in the … Continue reading Cloak & Dagger…. Sketch

Keep digging – Oz isn’t far!

OMG what happened youtube, for laying a patio you didn’t nail it?? Youtube can be my DIY bible.  I’ve watched zillions of ‘how to’ clips and married the best and worst into my own techniques.  So naturally, I figured the videos for laying a patio would be equally as good. Well, if your garden is perfectly flat, weed-free, has a soil level much lower than your … Continue reading Keep digging – Oz isn’t far!

Forget the gym, ferry screed!

Forget the gym, in 1 day without leaving the boundary of my small garden, I walked a stonking 13.6km (22,236 steps) ferrying screed! Nice to be back!  Every last ounce of my recent energy has been doing DIY rather than typing it…. Else I’ll never finish before peach season ends (check my bio if you don’t understand)! A guy at work (my ‘normal’ job) used … Continue reading Forget the gym, ferry screed!

Island hopping…. But sadly not as you know it!

One’s destination is never a place – but a new way of seeing things! That’s what I believe anyway – as wherever I wander I always find someone else’s home, lifestyle, friends…. that is their way of living, along with the favourite local tipple! Before I forget, for latest DIY progress, do check my instagram So how on earth does DIY link with island hopping?? … Continue reading Island hopping…. But sadly not as you know it!

Rain, sleet or snow… the gutters must flow!

Shiny lengths of tubes and half tubes – pristine, polished and oh sooooooooo very long! Been DIY crazy mixed with Christmas shin digs – heaps of cool photos and tips to share with you….  Including one today whereby my gifted Ferrero Rocher was used to help undercoat my window sills…. that sounds sill-y so more on that another time. Reverting back to my gutters…  they’re … Continue reading Rain, sleet or snow… the gutters must flow!

Gingerbread is not just as men!

Ridiculously crazy couple of weeks so no apologies for such a short post…   In only 7 days my flat has transformed from being joists and rafters to fully fledged walls that I can paint on and (almost!) lighting from the ceiling that I can turn on, woohoo! Astonishing!  Blown away, I really am… Along with the incredible resource of 4 window fitters, 2 electricians, … Continue reading Gingerbread is not just as men!

Might as well be in the sauna!

Gulp, my first post in a few days!  Been incredibly crazing doing….. well DIY!  It’s a full time job, not forgetting my ‘real’ full time job – literally morning, noon and night… …yesterday at 5am I was measuring the bathroom, at lunch time I was discussing a new boiler and by night I was buying a new post box for my front door…. ​ ​ … Continue reading Might as well be in the sauna!

Mr Foggs – Where’s your next passport stamp?

My next passport stamp is soooo exciting – I love deciding which exotic location to set sail to… countries without a passport stamp just aren’t on my go-to list, haha! DIY been very physical lately – so whilst my biceps are now ever-so-slightly bulging, I was certain my sipping technique needed improving… Last week I was invited to one of my favourite London bars, Mr … Continue reading Mr Foggs – Where’s your next passport stamp?

Go girl – but don’t nail it!

Usually with a zest for life I’d recommend anyone to nail it!  Just get it done, sort it, achieve… But not this time. This time I’m going against the grain. For weeks I’ve been mentioning the 5 essentials for you before starting DIY, of which 4 I’ve covered already – eye goggles, ear plugs, face mask, clothing.  I haven’t yet touched on 5th… Then would … Continue reading Go girl – but don’t nail it!

Lift your head up princess, if not the crown falls!

Countdown till Halloween has begun!  Dusted off my witches outfit – I love it…. it’s an ultra teeny, very low cut and highly indecent dress, polished off with fish net tights, a huge pointy hat and black nail varnish…. I can only get away wearing it once a year so I make sure it has a good outing!  I can’t wait to share our Halloween … Continue reading Lift your head up princess, if not the crown falls!